The might of the imperial guard.

Hell and welcome to my second blog post and first of 2015.

To kick things off I’d thought I’d start with a big one. During last year I gained myself a sizeable imperial guard army and was very keen to get it all painted. Thankfully, a reasonable amount the army was already painted and to a good standard.
What I was left with was over 100 infantry of sorts, a few tanks, a vendetta, a stormwing formation, a bastion and a aegis defence line. So still quite a bit of work to do.

As of January I officially have finished the entire force and it feels great.

The army is led by the infamous Steiner “the nature boy” flair. Supreme commander of the Arcadian 5th. Joined by his allies from Cadia and mordian and the elite Flyin foxes, he leads a mighty force ready to crush the enemies of man.
There is quite a few subtle conversions throughout the army.
I am still finding my feet with this army as its a complete change from my usual play style but they are loads of fun to play.

My aim is to do two blog posts a month from now on. With my dark eldar close to being completed, I then have a death wing army and a British commando bolt action army to paint.
This plus the regular events at my local gaming club, the Leicester allscars, I have plenty of material to work with.

So here they are, the grand army of commander Steiner.

The Arcadian 5th


The vets.





The grunts. Quite a small amount for the guard.



The clowns. Yet to see the field of battle.


Did someone say ordinance.





Air born division and sentinels.



These guys mean business.


Secondary command squad.


The main men led by the greatest of all time.


All fear the hammer of the emperor.


Thanks for taking the time to view and until next time WOOOOOO!


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